2015 CPC Entrants

U10 - The Beaver Returns

Brian / Thomas Pelham

Anthony Walker and

Stuart Urwin


Photo: Snap Photography

U-24 - Tally Ho

Steve Banks and Brett Davenport

Photo: Nigel Barrett

1-20 - Motorvated

Kerry Bobin and 

Lucy McGregor

3-26 - Motorvated Racing

Jack Bobin and 

Jamie White

Photo @ Motorvated Racing

2-25 - Motorvated Slayer

Paul Etasse and

Chris Stonebridge

Photo: Deb Sauvarin

3-162 - Team Hyperactive

Andy Hiscox and Sean Homer

Photo: Nigel Barrett

2-51 - Jupiter

Rob Lister and Nick Crouch

Photo: Tim Tapping

Photo: Dave Ormiston

U-33 - Atlas Mr Noisy

Alan Goodwin and Tony Hamilton

V13 - Circle Express

Brian Peedell and 

Neil Jackson


Photo: Snap Photography

1-53 - Kickin Ass

Neil  White and

Dan Higgins


V17 - Priestley Racing

Daniel Priestley and 

Sam Brewster


Photo: Dave Ormiston

U69 - Vintage Torque

Frankie Rose and 

Richard Bendy


Photo: Dave Ormiston

2-46 - Hyper10sion

Barry Culver and 

Will Nurse


Photo: Snap Photography

2-66 - White Fusion

Malcolm Dopson and 

Edward Ralph


Photo: Snap Photography

1-71 - Typhoo Shark

Stuart Cureton and 

John Donnelly


Photo: Dave Ormiston

U99 - PPG Print

Adam Younger / Scott Younger 

and Petter Martens


U-19 - Bubbles

Phil Payter and Richard Carlton

Photo: Snap Photography

U-54 - Fun Unlimited

John Evans and Neil Evans

U-31 - Warlord

Lawrence Philip and Stewart Eyre

Thank you to John Moore/Graham Stevens /Dave Ormiston/Nigel Barrett/Tim Tapping/Snap Photography and Malc Attrill for all the race details and pictures.                                                                                                                                                         

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